Wedding makeup artists work with the gentle touch of a poet, crafting a look that mirrors the bride’s vision of herself on this momentous occasion. Each stroke is a verse in the love story about to be told, each colour a note in the symphony of celebrations. At Oz Wedding Vendors, we help you choose from some of Melbourne’s best wedding makeup artists.

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Charlene Hyde Hair & Makeup

Wedding Hair Stylists

Freelance Hair and Makeup
Servicing Melbourne and Victoria
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Monique De Vercelli

Wedding Hair Stylists

Award-winning, internationally acclaimed hair and makeup artist
Servicing Melbourne and Surrounds, HQ in South Yarra
South Yarra VIC, Australia
Perfect Pout Hair & Makeup

Wedding Hair Stylists

Helen Grech is an accomplished professional makeup artist who is based in Melbourne and has over 25 years experience particularly in the Bridal Industry
Servicing Melbourne and Victoria
Tullamarine VIC, Australia