Zachary T. Conway - Goldsmith

Zachary T. Conway – Goldsmith

Deeply Meaningful Ceremonial & Personal Jewellery

Servicing Australia-Wide (Online)

Zachary T. Conway creates an immersive sensory journey of the jewellery making experience. All jewellery offerings are a bespoke-guided experience. Through Google meet consultations, create your story in a collaboration with Zac. He will walk you through selecting exclusive metal combinations and luxurious magic gems to visually create your story, be it an engagement ring, wedding ring set or personal Talisman or Amulet.

Whether looking for custom wedding or engagement rings made with integrity and intention, or seeking a magical object for energy work, I am here to help. Sometimes we have ideas with profound meaning which come through, and it becomes integral to find just the right person who understands how to bring this dream into reality, with one foot firmly in the real world and the other steadfast within the aetheric realms. That is where I come in, and why you found me.

We each are looking for a little more magic in our lives. A little more meaning, seeking our destiny. Personally I am progressing through the initiatic path of The Order of the Maji, this is my spiritual path remembering who I Am and who my people are, the Maji.

You are here because you

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