Wed by Bec

Wed by Bec

Your Love. Your Dream. Your Way.

Servicing Sydney and New South Wales

No child says they want to be a marriage celebrant when they grow up, and I was no different. It’s something I was drawn to as I grew older. I fell into it, passionate and filled with unfiltered enthusiasm- you could say it was a little like falling in love.

I live for the moments that make your heart sing: first kisses, best kisses, slow dances, whispered ‘I love you’s and hopeful ‘marry me’s. That’s why I’ve made those moments my life. No two love stories are the same, and my favourites are always the ones I have yet to tell.

This is probably enough for you to gather that I’m a hopeless romantic- a good love story will get me every time.

I love love, and I love weddings, and I also love good books, long rambling conversations, classy music, ballroom and rock and roll dancing, and animals of all kinds (I frequently shed sad, then happy, tears over dog rescues that pop up in my feed on YouTube), watching re-runs of Friends and I was obsessed with Bridgerton. (Were you?)

I value difference and diversity; everyone has the right to be true to themselves and everyone deserves

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