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NikNat Entertainment are a multi-award winning wedding entertainment company which can provide you with DJ, MC, Live Music and even celebrant services!  We pride ourselves on our reputation and high quality of service and satisfaction.


Q What is Your Price?

Without a doubt, this is our single most common question. Hey, we get it. When you are shopping for most tangible items there is a price readily available. But therein lies the issue. Wedding entertainment is not a “tangible” product.

Therefore, we do not put our prices on our website. We feel anyone that can give you a price immediately is doing YOU a disservice by ASSUMING they know what you want. How could they possible have any idea what your unique vision is for your day without first chatting with you?

Even having a “starting” price is difficult. There are so many variables that make each and every wedding unique. So … may we suggest that instead of being disappointed we can’t give you a price … look at it from the point of view that we actually CARE about you and your day and don’t see you as just another generic customer

Q What Packages Do Your Have?

Okay … we KNOW that it is extremely common for many other entertainment companies to have “packages”.

To be honest, we have NO IDEA where the concept of a wedding being a product that can be “packaged” even began. We don’t know, but we do know that we HATE IT!

Seriously … how disrespectful that ANYONE considers your special day as something that will fit nicely and comfortably into one of their “packages”. You are not ordering a Chinese meal … you are asking for someone to take the time to provide you with what you want for your wedding day.

Well … here is a breath of fresh air … we do exactly that.

We actually take the time to LISTEN to our potential clients and tailor a unique service especially for them.

Q Why Do We Have to Meet?

Why WOULDN’T you want to meet the person that is going to be coming to (and staying) for your wedding?

You probably have (or will) meet the cake maker, stylist and florist.

Guess what? None of those people are coming to your wedding. Just their products are!

Your entertainer will be there for the entire night (if not longer) and interacting with you and your guests. So why would you NOT want to meet to make sure they are the right fit for your day.

Many couples have entertainment amongst the lowest of most important vendors before their wedding day, but AFTER the wedding day wished they make entertaiment their #1 priority according to a massive survey done by Bride & Groom magazine.

Don’t make the terrible mistake of not meeting everyone you are considering for your entertainment.

Q Do We Get a Written Contract?

Absolutely! (Well, usually a digital contract these days … we are not in the 1980’s!).
Any professional you are engaging the services of should have a written contract that clearly explains their obligations and your rights. This is to protect you.

Q Will You Be The Entertainer at our Wedding?

Unless something bad happens (like getting crushed by a skydiving nun whose parachute fails to open whilst I am roller skating backwards down a hill without a helmet or knee pads) … YES!

Having said that … I am only a human and am just as susceptible to injury and illness as much as anyone else, so if something terrible DOES happen, I have built a very reliable and close circle of fellow entertainers that can take my place in the event of my injury, illness or demise.

The next logical question is … what if they can’t provide exactly what I provide?
Well, we can work it out after the date what percentage of what was paid is refundable to you to ensure you are happy.

Q Do You Have a Guarantee?

We are one of the very few that actually DO have a guarantee.

Our promise to you is that if we did not meet your expectations in anyway on your wedding day … we will give you money back!


Q Can You Hold Our Date?

Whilst we would love to be able to hold dates, we can’t.


Because, from our experience, in the past people have asked us to hold dates and then never bothered to have the courtesy to contact us again to let us know to remove that hold. This has meant that many times we could have rebooked that date but didn’t … therefore costing us bookings that we rely on to survive as a small family business.

Our policy now is simple. No deposit means no holding a date.

Q Can You Be Our MC?

Not only CAN I be your MC, I prefer it!

I have had a LOT of training in the skill of being a Master of Ceremonies.
I have studied under Mark Ferrell from the United States as well as being a member of an international Toastmasters group (created exclusively for MCs and DJs) that meets weekly.

To be honest … I cringe when a family member or friend is given the role of MC as 99% of the time they do not do this role justice or give it the respect it deserves.

Q Where Can I See You Perform?

Other than the fact that I will occasionally do the rare appearance at venues as a guitarist / vocalist there is nowhere you can see any aspect of my performance other than at weddings. I am exclusively a wedding entertainer, which means (unless you are invited to a wedding that I am the entertainer at), you are unable to see me perform.

Q How Much Do You Charge for Overtime?

I don’t charge for overtime! What?

Yes, you read that correctly. Once you have me, you have me as long as you want and I won’t charge you a cent for overtime!