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The best way to share a bit about us is to share what we believe in, in regards to purpose of having a photographer as a part of your day and how we approach that task.

A good photo can draw your attention in, even further make you forget that you’re even looking at a photo. You get lost in the moment, it piques your curiosity and what normally evades you by with the curse of time passing is an acute attention to notice more detail.

Our craft is all about making a decisive choice of what we should draw our attention to, from our own expression in noticing.

A point of view we really like is that the camera is treated like more of a pen taking notes on any story unfolding in front of us. So we lean on our senses to perceive the details of a moment. Our particular focus on a wedding day is on facial expressions and body language, however it extends to details that may be unfolding only really noticed in the back of your mind on the day, or details that create the environment which also bring back fond memories.


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