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The first step in everyone’s wedding planning journeys is usually WTF?

What you want for your big day is not exactly the same as your sister’s best friend’s cousin’s neighbour did at their wedding last year.  

Even if Aunty Joyce says you have to carry something blue, mum insists that all brides wear a veil, dad wants to “give you away”, and your colleague had a sand ceremony.

Or worse, nanna wants to play “here comes the bride” on her piano accordion………. not all of these ideas may align with your vision.

Let’s cut through the BS and plan something you really want.

I will tell it like it is. Always. Tough love? Nah, gentle and genuine love.
Bust the myths so you’re not doing stuff you don’t have to.
Explain the traditions so you know why you’re doing it… or why not.
We will laugh together – and we may even shed a happy tear or two (and that’s just in the planning!)

All the “inclusions” all the celebrants list? Yeah we all do that… PA, Vow Cards, Paperwork… yawn.

I’m a Brisbane marriage celebrant with the soul of a poet, the heart of an empath, and the ego of a….. hmmm, I’m not

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