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Welcome! We are LÀVELY Music (Read: Luhv-lee), a boutique musical collective specializing in intimate weddings and events in Melbourne and beyond. We are known for our soulful live music performances, either with Felicia as a soloist (piano & vocal) or as an acoustic duo (with Kay on violin or Adit on guitar). Apart from our live music, we also provide other entertainment services to suit your needs, including DJ, MC, Custom songwriting services.

LÀVELY Music was first founded in 2023 by Felicia Lase, a seasoned musician with 5+ years experience in Melbourne’s music scene and 10+ years globally. Felicia has graced prestigious venues and events throughout Melbourne, including The Crown, MCEC, The Espy, River Riffs Festival, and servicing over 50+ weddings and events. She is also involved in various renowned corporate bands, including Baker Boys Band, Matt Black Entertainment, and Dexter & Friends. Collectively, LÀVELY Music boasts over 30 years of musical experience, with a variety of experiences in live and recorded music.

Felicia started LÀVELY after observing the rise of more intimate weddings and events which longs for personalization and tailored services. After years of servicing clients through agencies, she realized that clients value personalized service throughout the

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