Nothing brings people together like good food...

Servicing Perth and Western Australia

Welcome to Frugalicious – where flavour meets your budget, and every bite feels like a foodie high-five! We’re not just a catering business; we’re your culinary partners in crime, here to turn your events into taste sensations without breaking the bank.

At Frugalicious, we believe good food shouldn’t be reserved for the elite. Our mission? To serve delicious Malaysian delights that make your taste buds dance like cha-cha, all while keeping your wallet happy. Because who said gourmet has to be a budget buster?

Why choose us? Besides the fact that our rendang is so rich it has its bank account, and our satays are culinary hugs, we’ve got a secret sauce called ‘flavoronomics’. We’re the economists of taste, ensuring every penny you spend translates into pure taste bud joy.

So, if you’re tired of boring buffets and bland spreads, hop on board the Frugalicious flavour train. We promise an affordable feast that’s big on taste and light on your wallet. Let’s make your event a Frugalicious affair – because who says you can’t have your cake (or rojak) and eat it too?

What you’ll love about working with Frugalicious for your Perth wedding:

You’ll have a dedicated point of

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