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With over 18 years of experience, DJ Masters provide the finest and most dynamic DJs that Melbourne has to offer. Their team is committed to bringing your musical vision to life by creating the ultimate soundtrack to accompany each moment of your wedding day. They value the trust you place in them and are dedicated to conveying your celebration of love through music.

DJ Masters believe that the whole atmosphere of your wedding day festivities can be impacted by the musical design of the day. They’ve gained an incredible reputation in Melbourne for effectively reading the crowd and the mood of the room and acting accordingly to ensure that everyone is having a memorable time.

Through their professionalism, attentiveness, and prompt communication, expect your guests to feel comfortable enough to let go and have a boogie on the dancefloor while basking in the shared joy of your recently officiated marriage.

DJ Masters aspires to empower you through music and let the songs speak volumes of your love for each other. They are dedicated to your wedding vision and, therefore, allow you complete control, or as much input as you desire, over the music selections. Alternatively, you can express your ideas, and they’ll happily curate the ideal soundtrack for you.

What you’ll love about working with DJ Masters for your Melbourne wedding:

  • An awesome reputation. Thousands of couples have chosen DJ Masters to reflect their celebration of love through the power of music. They’ve gained a killer reputation for creating unforgettable wedding receptions by tuning into what you and your guests love.
  • High-quality equipment. DJ Masters are well-equipped with the latest high-quality gear, including wireless and portable music, PA equipment, wireless microphones, epic lighting, and smoke machines.
  • A passion for love and music. DJ Masters are no strangers to drawing out beautiful emotions through music. They believe that your favourite songs can perfectly articulate the love shared between the two of you and can curate your ultimate wedding soundtrack accordingly.

Highlights of Working with DJ Masters

  • You can completely control the music selection or leave it in the experienced and intuitive hands of DJ Masters
  • MC services are provided at no additional cost
  • You can personally meet up with your DJ to discuss and share ideas
  • 24hr contact is available
  • Backup DJs and MCs are a given, as well as full support, peace of mind and anything else you may require to ensure that your day is met with smiles, laughter and impressive dance moves

About Us

Hello! My name is Liam and I’m the owner here at DJ Masters. For me, the music is everything. Every arising moment has a perfect soundtrack, and it is with great joy that I continue to see my job as being about connection, about leading a professional and talented team of DJs and MCs to translate life’s moments into music – to empower the art of celebration. The last 18 years and 4,500 weddings have been an incredible journey, and I’m so grateful for all of the trust that has been placed in us.


Q Am I allowed to choose the music for the night?

Absolutely - you have full control over the music, or you can leave it all up to us if you prefer.

"So... what do most couples do?"

Well, after over 2,500 weddings we find that most of our couples love to select their Key Moment songs (more on this later, and don't worry- we help you all the way!), and then provide us a list of songs/artists they love (anywhere between 5 songs to 80 songs, with highlights on the MUST-PLAYS) - and we then design the overarching music journey for the night, putting your songs in the perfect sequence, with a mix responsive to the night and constantly creating the best mood.

Q Can you guys also act as our MC / Master of Ceremonies?

We provide our MC services to you at no additional cost. About 50% of our couples choose to use our MC services, while the remaining 50% choose to have a family member MC, or use the MC supplied by their venue.

Q How does Setup and Pack-down work? Is this counted in our 5-hour package, are we charged for it?

Let's take the example of a 5-hour booking from 6:00pm - 11:00pm. In this example, we would arrive at 5:00pm, one full hour before the booked start time of your package, and you are not charged for this. We are sure to have music playing by the booked start time (6:00pm in this example).We play right until the end of your booking time, that is 11:00pm in this example.

Although you are only charged for 5 hours in a regular booking, we can typically spend up to 7 hours on site, including the arrival, setup and packdown.

Q I need an additional hour and a half (1.5 hours), is this possible?

Yes, it is possible to extend the booking to any desired length.

While many companies charge by the "additional hour or part thereof" - we only charge you in additional half-hour increments, we don't charge you for a full hour if you only require an additional 30 minutes.

Q Am I able to meet with the DJ/MC before the night? Will this be my ACTUAL DJ/MC?

Yes, of course. We find that in particular about 50% of our couples who choose to have us MC also choose to opt for our Premium service, which is only a small additional cost, and includes (among other features) the option of a prior face-to-face meeting with your actual DJ/MC for the night.

We know it's a very busy time and we're happy to come out to visit you at your location or wherever suits you best.

Q What is the difference between the Standard and Premium Service?

The Premium Wedding Package is typically selected by couples who would like the personal touch of meeting their DJ/MC in person in finalising and consolidating planning for the night. Especially useful if you've elected for us to act as MC on the evening, as there's a little more involved of course. We know it's a very busy time and we're happy to come out to visit you at your location or wherever suits you best.

If your music selections require special attention, or there are unique songs or audio which you would like us to source for you, we do all of this for you in the Premium Service.

The Premium Service also includes more advanced lighting and particle effects.

Q Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

We perform weddings at many luxury and exclusive venues throughout the year, many of which require Public Liability Insurance. We will provide your venue with our Certificate of Currency if they do not have it on file.

We always carry insurance for our Public Liability and our DJs. $20,000,000 Products and Public Liability.

Q How do you charge for the booking? Is a deposit required?

Due to the high demand for our services, we accept a $100 deposit to confirm the booking and secure the date.

The balance can be paid at any time up until 10 days before the event. If you prefer to settle the balance at the beginning of the night, this can be approved with prior arrangement.

Q Why do so many couples choose DJ Masters?

Couples choose DJ Masters over other service providers because after 18 years and over 4,500 weddings, we know exactly what we're doing - we're not a one-man-show - we're a fun and dynamic team, with the skill and resources of an experienced company to ensure a perfect night.

Q Can you also play for our Ceremony earlier in the day?

Yes, absolutely.

We also perform for the wedding ceremony at about 15% of the weddings we service.

We can provide fully portable and wireless battery-powered PA systems for the music at your ceremony, and backup/secondary wireless microphones for your celebrant/ceremony proceedings.