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Elevating Wedding Music Experiences with Excellence Since 2017

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Darioviolin & Double Show Entertainment is a music entertainment company servicing Melbourne. They specialise in all types of performances, from soft, romantic sets to upbeat dance floor vibes. You can expect everything from violin, cello, piano, and strings to saxophone and a full band! Known for their years of experience performing at over 500 weddings — this talented team won’t disappoint!


Q Do you offer bespoke packages?

Absolutely! Our aim is to make your wedding truly yours. We create personalized proposals, allowing you to choose your favorite musicians for your special day. Your vision drives us to curate a musical experience that perfectly complements your wedding atmosphere.

Q Where are you based?

Our home base is Melbourne, a city that inspires our musical passion. But our melodies don't stop there. We love to travel across Australia, sharing our music from coast to coast.

And speaking of captivating performances, we highly recommend our Violin + Cello string duo. This harmonious pairing creates an enchanting ambiance, perfect for any event. With a repertoire spanning classical and modern tunes, our musicians cater to various tastes. Your song requests are always welcome, ensuring your event is uniquely you.

Q Do you cater to song requests?

For sure! At Double Show Entertainment, we have a well-structured and thorough consultation process that ensures your music preferences are carefully considered and seamlessly integrated into your wedding playlist. Our talented musicians have an extensive repertoire of songs, and they are dedicated to accommodating song requests whenever possible.