Amaré Strings Claimed

String Quartet for Weddings and Events in Perth

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Amaré Strings are an ensemble of musicians who produce live high-quality music for weddings and events around Perth, Western Australia. They are available as an inclusion to any event where their distinctive live performance will bring an elegance and sophistication to the occasion; be that a corporate or private event, an engagement party or wedding celebration.

They have an extensive repertoire which includes pieces from an array of classical, contemporary and jazz compositions. Amaré Strings takes pride in creating an easy planning experience, confident that their addition will enhance the atmosphere of all events.


Q How much space do you need to perform?

We require approximately 1.5 square metres per person to provide ample space for movement.

Q Do you set up before the scheduled booking time?

Yes! We arrive 15 minutes before the start time to set up and warm up.

Q What are your requirements for a performance?

We require one, armless chair per musician plus adequate lighting whether we are performing indoors or outdoors.
For outdoor performances:
- On a sunny, fine day we require shade (shade from a tree is fine)
- On a wet/windy day we require solid shelter

Q Which parts of my wedding should I have music for and how much music do I need?

- Guests arrival prior to start of ceremony (five to seven songs)
- Entrance of the bridal party (one song)
- Signing of the registry (one to two songs)
- Exit of the bridal party and guests (one song)
- While photos are being taken (four to eight songs)
- Reception (however long you'd like us for will decide how many pieces you need)

Q Do you take breaks?

Our musicians require a 5-10 minute break for every hour of playing to avoid injury, however we can generally time these breaks to coincide with speeches, photographs etc.

Q Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a $100 deposit is required to secure a booking. The deposit is refundable up until 21 days before the event.